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Folding Bike Photo Gallery

Feel free to send us your photos of interesting, unique, innovative, or historical folding bikes and we'll post them to this gallery.

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  • 70's Motobecane 3-speed Sturmey Archer
    70's Motobecane Sturmey-Archer 3-speed
  • Cannondale "On" concept folding bike
    Cannondale "On" concept folding bike
  • DNB Porta-Fold Cycle
    1959 DNB Porta-Fold Cycle
  • ADAC Winora FoldingStar folding bike
    ADAC Winora FoldingStar
  • Mitutoyo Bicycle
  • 70's Bickerton
    70's Bickerton
  • Mercedes-Benz folding bike
  • 60's T&C Pocket Bici folding bike
    60's T&C Pocket Bici
  • 1986 Bridgestone Grandtech
    Bridgestone Grandtech GR-27
  • Late 60's Japanese Katakura Porta-Cycle
    Japanese Katakura Silk Porta-Cycle
  • postcard
    Vintage European folding bike postcard
  • 70's Elswick Hopper Auto-Mini
    70's Elswick Hopper Auto-Mini
  • Neckermann
  • Russian Salute
    70's Russian Salute
  • Fuji Marlboro
    Fuji Marlboro
  • Sachs Tango
    Late 90's Sachs Tango
  • Sheldon Brown Raleigh Twenty
    Sheldon Brown's Raleigh Twenty
  • Honda Step Compo electric folding bike
    2001 Honda Step Compo Electric
  • Italian Duemila
    Late 60's Italian    Duemila
  • TOBike
    Torkil Brřndum's TOBike - 2001
  • Diamant Handy folding bike
    Diamant Handy
  • 2007 Fuji Slider
    2007 Fuji Slider
  • Graziella-Tandem-folding-bike
    70's Graziella Tandem
  • Giant MR4 folding bike
    2003 Giant MR4
  • Bridgestone Transit T200CS
    Bridgestone Transit T200CS
  • Caloi Berlineta
    1972 Caloi Berlineta from Brazil
  • Montague TriFrame Folding Tandem bike
    Montague TriFrame Folding Tandem
  • Bridgestone Picnica
    c. 1970 Bridgestone Picnica
  • Sapper Zoom Bike
    Sapper Zoom Bike 1998
  • Russian Leitner folding bike
    1914 Russian Leitner
  • BMW folding bike
    BMW Q folding bikes
  • Fongers 1909 military folding bike
    1909 Fongers
  • 1911 Bianchi military folding bike
    1911 Bianchi
  • Dubike folding bike
  • Di Blasi R20 folding bike
    Early 80's Di Blasi R20
  • Gazelle Kwikstep folding bike
    1964 Gazelle Kwikstep
  • Batavus Batafold folding bike
    Batavus Batafold
  • MicroBike folding bike
    Swedish MicroBike
  • Soma Ti Journey folding bike
    Soma Ti Journey
  • RAD Urban folding bike
    RAD Concept
  • Gitane Plicyclette folding bike
    60's Gitane Plicyclette
  • Falter Faehnrich Super Star folding bike
    Falter Super Star
  • Russian MMB3 folding bike
    Russian MMB3
  • German Victoria folding bike
    60's German Victoria
  • CMK folding bike
    1999 CMK
  • Staiger Record folding bike
    70's Staiger Record
  • Wagtendonk Dutch folding bike
    Early Dutch Military
  • Silk Bicycle Factory PR-7
    Silk PR-7
  • Australian Ant 2001
    Ant from Australia
  • Fiocchi Cometa Sprint
    Fiocchi Cometa Sprint
  • Trek F400 Navigator
    Trek F400 Navigator
  • Retro folder from China
    Chinese Retro folder
  • LucaBike
  • Niko
  • Beistegui-Hermanos
    Beistegui Hermanos
  • Strutt Worksong
    Strutt Worksong
  • GAC-500
    GAC 500
  • Radiant
    Late 70's Radiant

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