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Taipei International Cycle Show Roundup

2008 Taipei International Cycle Show

While the Taipei International Cycle Show is for all types of bicycles, here are some highlights from this year's show in regard to folding bikes.

The International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC) winners were announced at the show and one of this year's winners was a folding bike, albeit an electric folding bike.  The winner of the Giant Bicycles sponsored prize was Larry Chen for his "Sunny Day" folding electric bike pictured below.  The solar panel sits on the front of the bike and is streamlined to lower wind resistance. When the bicycle is parked, the solar panel tilts upwards toward the sky to capture more solar energy.  While most bicycles designs entered in the competition were basically paper CAD rendered concept bikes, the Sunny Day was an exception in that a full scale prototype was built.

Sunny Day electric folding bikeSunny Day folding bike

Third prize in the IBDC went to Frag Woodall from Australia for his Everglide folding bike (below).  The Everglide is an innovative design that integrates a bicycle with a backpack.

Everglide folding bikeEverglide folded

An Excellence prize was awarded to Ramon Luis Rodriguez Ruiz from Puerto Rico for his Omega folding bike design (below).

Omega folding bike

Winner of the show's Best Innovation Award went to the GoCycle (below) designed by Richard Thorpe of Karbon Kinetics Ltd. who is working with Ideal Bicycle Corporation of Taiwan to manufacture the bike.  The magnesium frame is made using a process known as “thixomolding", a type of injection molding for metal.  The front hub can be fitted with a high-powered electric motor that is is designed to deliver fast and instant power that can quickly reach legal speed limits.  The GoCycle will launch in Europe first and then target the U.S. market about a year later.  Pricing is expected to be about $1000 for the non-electric version and $1500 for the electric version.


Runner-up to the GoCycle, Giant Bicycles showed its new "Clip" folding bike, a design inspired by the paperclip.

Giant Clip folding bikeGiant Clip folded

Pacific Cycles launched three new folding bikes based on the patented Integrated Folding (IF) system, a technology formerly known as "Swivel-Head" invented by Mark Sanders.  The 3 models, shown in order below, are the IF Mode, a city bike, the IF Cross, a touring/city bike, and the IF Reach, a compact foldable.

Pacific Cycles IF ModePacific Cycles IF Mode folded

Pacific Cycles IF Cross

Pacific Cycles IF Reach

Hasa Bike was showing its previously introduced lightweight (19lbs) carbon fiber Minimax folding bike (below top) along with a new Minimax model made of tubular titanium (below bottom).

Hasa carbon fiber Minimax folding bikeHasa Minimax folded.

Hasa Minimax titanium folding bike

In summary, folding bikes made a strong showing at this year's Taipei International Cycle Show and points to an exciting year ahead!

New Folder from Spain

Mora bike

Josep Mora, a Spanish industrial designer, created this 11kg stainless steel folding bike called the Mora Bike.  Its being manufactured in Barcelona by Mora Wheeldesign.  Pricing is 700 for a bike equipped with a 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hub and 850 for a 8-speed Shimano Nexus hub.  Videos of the bike can be found here.


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