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Folding Bike Manufacturer Directory

This is a list of folding bike manufacturers from around the world. If you know of other makers that should be added to the list, click on "Contact" to your left and send an email and they will be included. The manufacturer's country of origin is listed and while many have distribution outside of their home country, availability may be limited.  As with most bicycle companies, their factories may not be located in the listed country.  Some folding bicycle brands in the market are not listed since they are not actually manufacturers.  The list was last updated on 02/24/15.

17 Bicycle (Japan)
5Links (Japan)
A-Bike (UK)
Abio (USA/Canada)
Aezda Folding Bicycles (Canada)
Aiolos (Germany)
Airframe (UK)
Airnimal (UK)
Aleoca (Singapore)
Allen Sports (USA)
Alton Sports (South Korea)
Amiiva (France)
Amxma (Taiwan)
A.S. Bikes (UK)
Asahi (Taiwan)
Asama (Taiwan)
Asia Bicycle Trading Company (Taiwan)
Atala (Italy)
Aurorita (Argentina)
Bag & Bike (Japan)
Batavus (Netherlands)
Bazooka (Canada)
Be.Bike (Japan)
Beixo (Netherlands)
Belize Bicycle (Canada)
Bernds (Germany)
Bickerton (UK)
Bigfish (Slovenia)
Bike-in-a-Bag (UK)
Bike Friday (USA)
Biomega (Denmark)
Birdy (Germany)
Biria (USA)
Blanc Marine (France)
Breezer (USA)
Bridgestone (Japan)
Brompton (UK)
BSA (India)
B'TWIN (France)
Carnielli (Italy)
Changebike (Taiwan)
Checker Pig (Germany)
Cicli Elios (Italy)
Cigno Seventy (Italy)
Cinzia (Italy)
Citizen Bike (USA)
Clou (Austria)
Compagnia Ducale (Italy)
Conor (Spain)
Dahon (USA)
Dawes (UK)
Dibar (Taiwan)
Di Blasi(Italy)
Doppelganger (Japan)
Downtube (USA)
Dynamic Bicycles (USA)
Enda Bikes (Chile)
Falco (China)
Figmo (Taiwan)
Flamingo (Grace Gallant) (Taiwan)
Flebi (Spain)
Folding Project (Greece)
Fonta Cycles (Ireland)
Fubi (Finland)
Gazelle (Netherlands)
Gianetti Bikes (Italy)
Giant (Taiwan)
Giatex (Taiwan)
Gitane (France)
GoBike (Canada)
Goericke (Germany)
Goods-2-Go (Lite Ride) (Canada)
Grigiocarbonio (Italy)
Handybike (Germany)
Hasa Bike (Taiwan)
Helix (Canada)
Hercules (Germany)
Hidesawa (Taiwan)
High Minded Bicycle (China)
Hodaka (Japan)
Ignio (Japan)
Iko (Germany)
Italwin (Italy)
Ixi (USA)
Jango (Taiwan)
Jee Ann (Taiwan)
Kansi (UK)
Kenhill (Germany)
Kinn-Ovations (USA)
Koga (Netherlands)
Komda (China)
Kross (Poland)
Kuwahara (Japan)
Kwiggle Bike (Germany)
Lahsen (Chile)
Land Rover (UK)
Land Walker (Japan)
Lapierre (France)
Liyang (Taiwan)
Lombardo (Italy)
Lordan (Argentina)
LucaBike (USA)
Maderna Cycle Systems (Austria)
MBM (Italy)
Megamo (Spain)
Melon Bicycles (USA)
Mezzo (UK)
Mifa (Germany)
Ming Cycle (Taiwan)
Mobic (USA)
Mobiky (France)
Moma Bikes (Spain)
Montague (USA)
Montante Cicli (Italy)
Montecci (USA)
Monty (Spain)
Moulton Bicycle Company (UK)
Murayama (Japan)
Nanoo (Italy)
Neobike (Taiwan)
Ningxing Bicycle Company (China)
Ocean Bicycle (China)
Olmo (Italy)
Onda Bike (Spain)
Onipax (Taiwan)
Ontek (Switzerland)
Onyerbike (Australia)
Orbita (Portugal)
Ori (Taiwan)
Origami Bicycle Co. (USA)
Ossby (Spain)
Oyama (Taiwan)
Pacific Cycles (Taiwan)
Pacy (Germany)
Panasonic (Japan)
Panther (Germany)
Pashley-Moulton (UK)
Peerless Bicycles (China)
Pegasus (Germany)
Peregrine Bicycle Works (USA)
Peugeot (France)
Phoenix Bicycle (China)
Pinnacle Bikes (UK)
Polygon (Indonesia)
Power Kat (Taiwan)
Pro Walker (Taiwan)
Puma (Germany)
Q-Bike (Taiwan)
Qeridoo (Germany)
Quix (Germany)
Rabbit Cycles (Germany)
Raleigh (UK)
Retrospec Bicycles (USA)
Ridgeback Bikes (UK)
Rodados Aurora (Argentina)
Samchuly Bicycle (South Korea)
San Eagle (China)
Santosa (Taiwan)
Saracen (UK)
Schauff (Germany)
Schwinn (USA)
SEC (Taiwan)
Senan (China)
Sette (USA)
Shulz Bikes (Russia)
Shunde Qile (China)
Sliding Bike Development (Taiwan)
Slingshot (USA)
Smartcog (Japan)
Speed one Bike (Taiwan)
SRS Bike (Taiwan)
Strida (UK)
Sun Bicycles (USA)
Swift (USA)
Tern (Taiwan)
Tianjin Flying Pigeon (China)
Tsan Ching Limited (Hong Kong)
TW-Bents (Taiwan)
Tyrell (Japan)
Ubike (Taiwan)
Universal Cycle Corporation (China)
Utopia Velo (Germany)
Vela Bike (Canada)
Veliac (Spain)
Vello Bike (Austria)
Velori (USA)
Vrum Bike (Italy)
Weelin (France)
Wiel Bike (China)
Winora (Germany)
Worksman Cycles (USA)
Xootr (USA)
Zed Cycles (UK)
Zero Cycles (UK)
Zerobike (Spain)
ZGL Bike (China)

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