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Folding Bike Models

Below are some of the more popular folding bike models on the market today.  Please visit the Folding Bike Buyer's Guide here at The Folding Cyclist to comparison shop these models and more in a sortable matrix.  Some models shown have been discontinued but are included for reference purposes.

Bike Friday:

Bike Friday is the only U.S. volume manufacturer of folding bicycles, hand-making each one at their factory in Eugene, Oregon.  Most of their bikes are made to order to fit one's individual size, taste, and riding style.

Bike Friday Air Friday (discontinued)
Bike Friday Air Glide (discontinued)
Bike Friday Diamond Tourist 24
Bike Friday New World Tourist
Bike Friday Pocket 8
Bike Friday Pocket Companion
Bike Friday Pocket Crusoe
Bike Friday Pocket Expedition
Bike Friday Pocket Llama
Bike Friday Pocket Rocket
Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro
Bike Friday Pocket Sport
Bike Friday Silk 8SP
Bike Friday Tikit


Dahon is the largest folding bike company and has been in the business since 1982.  They have broad product range with a well developed global distribution network.

Dahon Anniversary Replica
Dahon Boardwalk S1
Dahon Briza D7 (discontinued)
Dahon Briza D8
Dahon Cadenza (discontinued)
Dahon Cadenza 8 (discontinued)
Dahon Cadenza Solo (discontinued)
Dahon Ciao D5
Dahon Ciao D7
Dahon Ciao P8
Dahon Curve D3
Dahon Curve SL (discontinued)
Dahon Dash P18 (discontinued)
Dahon Eco 3 (discontinued)
Dahon Eco C6 (discontinued)
Dahon Eco C7 (discontinued)
Dahon EEZZ
Dahon Espresso (discontinued)
Dahon Espresso D21
Dahon Flo (discontinued)
Dahon Glide P8 (discontinued)
Dahon Ios S9
Dahon Jack (discontinued)
Dahon Jack D7 (discontinued)
Dahon JetStream P8
Dahon Jifo 16
Dahon Mariner D7
Dahon Matrix (discontinued)
Dahon Mu EX
Dahon Mu N360 (discontinued)
Dahon Mu P24
Dahon Mu P8
Dahon Mu Rohloff
Dahon Mu SL
Dahon Mu Uno
Dahon Mu XL
Dahon Mu XXV
Dahon Speed D7
Dahon Speed P8
Dahon Speed Pro TT
Dahon Speed TR
Dahon Tournado
Dahon Vector P20
Dahon Vigor P9
Dahon Visc P18
Dahon Vitesse D3 (discontinued)
Dahon Vitesse D7HG
Dahon Vitesse P18 (discontinued)
Dahon Vybe C7A


Montague is the premier maker of full-size folding bikes.  Their product range spans commuter folding bikes to rugged mountain folders.

Montague Boston
Montague Crosstown
Montague Urban
Montague Allston
Montague Fit
Montague Navigator
Montague Paratrooper Express
Montague Paratrooper
Montague Paratrooper Pro
Montague Paratrooper Highline
Montague Paratrooper Elite
Montague CX (discontinued)
Montague DX (discontinued)
Montague MX (discontinued)
Montague Boston 8 (discontinued)

Pacific Cycles:

Pacific Cycles specializes in making innovative folding bicycles through partnering with talented designers and engineers.

Pacific Cycles IF Mode
Pacific Cycles IFMOVE
Pacific Cycles IF REACH LX
Pacific Cycles IF URBAN 26 (discontinued)
Pacific Cycles IF URBAN 700 (discontinued)
Pacific Cycles Reach Offroad (discontinued)
Pacific Cycles Reach Racing (discontinued)
Pacific Cycles Reach Trekking (discontinued)


Once America's preeminent bicycle manufacturer, Schwinn produces a couple of very affordable folding bikes.

Schwinn Hinge
Schwinn Loop


SwissBike is a sub-brand of Montague that features a range of full-size folding mountain bikes.

SwissBike X50
SwissBike X70
SwissBike X90


Tern is a relatively new folding bike company with a broad product line and a growing following.

Tern Castro Duo
Tern Castro P7i
Tern Eclipse P18
Tern Eclipse P24h
Tern Eclipse P7i
Tern Eclipse P9
Tern Eclipse S11i
Tern Eclipse S18
Tern Eclipse X20
Tern Joe C21
Tern Joe D24
Tern Joe P24
Tern Link C7
Tern Link D7i
Tern Link D8
Tern Link P24h
Tern Link P7i
Tern Link P9
Tern Link Uno
Tern Node D8
Tern Swoop D7i
Tern Swoop Duo
Tern Verge Duo
Tern Verge P18
Tern Verge P20
Tern Verge P9
Tern Verge S11i
Tern Verge X10
Tern Verge X18
Tern Verge X20
Tern Verge X30h


Xootr makes just one folding bike model - the Swift, but it is quite versatile and comes in a wide range of sizes - small, medium, large, XL, and XXL.

Xootr Swift