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60's Duemila Italian folding bike

This stylish vintage Italian folding bike was called the "Duemila" or "2000" in English.  It was made by Cesare Rizzato & Co. in Padua, Italy and introduced to the public with a futuristic space theme at the Fiera di Milano trade fair in 1965.  The particular bike below is believed to be a 1968 model.  In the brochures below it refers to the availability of a child's model as well, the Duemila Minor.  The seat post and handlebars fold along with the frame to make for a fairly compact package.  The price of the bike in 1965 was 38,000 lira (about $60 USD).  The bike came in two color combinations, burnt orange and green or white and green.

Cesare Rizzato went on to make other folding bikes under the "Ceriz" brand name in the 1970's.

Duemila folding bike - Italy

Duemila folding bike - folded - Italy

Photos courtesy of the Embacher Collection


Duemila brochure front

Duemila brochure back

Photos from the Fiera di Milano trade fair - 1965

Duemila folding bike Fiera Milano 1 Duemila folding bike Fiera Milano 2

Brochure showing the white and green version and the child's "Minor" model

Duemila folding bike ad - camping