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BMW Q folding bikes

In 2000 BMW introduced a line of stylish folding bikes.  While BMW had a hand in their design, Schauff, a German bicycle company, actually produced the bike.  The BMW Q6.S folding mountain bike shown below was the top of the line and retailed for a fairly pricey $3995.00 USD.  The bike's main innovation was a front Telelever suspension borrowed from BMW's motorcycles.

2001 BMW folding mountain bike

2001 BMW folding mountain bike - folded

BMW Q6.S folding bike brochure

Next in the line was the BMW Q5.T folding bike, shown below.  It was intended to be more of a road bike so it included fenders, it was priced at $2695.00 USD.  It also had full suspension but it's design differed from the Telelever on the Q6.S.

BMW Q5.T folding bike

BMW Q5.T folding bike - folded

The last folding bike in the line was the BMW Q3.S, it didn't have the full suspension systems of the Q6.S or the Q5.T but it did include a simple front suspension fork and was priced at a much more affordable $995.00 USD.  A brochure photo is shown below.

BMW Q3.S folding bike brochure