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Auto-Mini folding bike

The Auto-Mini was a folding bike made by Steyr-Daimler-Puch (usually referred to simply as "Puch"), an Austrian bicycle company, in the early 1970's.  The bike was primarily made for department stores and mail order companies which carried their respective name on the head badge decal but it always said "Auto-Mini" in large type on the main frame tube.  There were two versions of the Auto-Mini, a "Junior" model and a larger model with a slightly longer wheelbase.  The Junior model could be distinguished by the word "Junior" appearing in the "T" of the word "Auto-Mini" in small script letters.  All models had 20" wheels and were either single speed or equipped with a 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hub or a Fichtel & Sachs 2-speed Duomatic hub.

In the U.S., Montgomery Ward and J.C. Penney sold the bike, as did Simpsons-Sears (badged "Executive") in Canada. "Kent" badged examples are also common as they were a wholesale importer and distributor of the Auto-Mini in North America.  Occasionally a well known bicycle company such as Elswick Hopper in England for example, would carry it as an OEM folding bike offering.

It isn't a particularly rare bike as they were sold in the 1000's of units but finding them in original mint condition is fairly difficult.  The first 4 photos below are of an Auto-Mini sold by Montgomery Ward, the last photo is of one sold by Elswick Hopper with a 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hub.

Auto-Mini folding bike

Auto-Mini folding bike - 02

Auto-Mini folding bike - 3

Auto-Mini folding bike - 04

Auto-Mini folding bike - Elswick Hopper